Quality Assurance vs Software Testing

Quality Assurance is a set of methods and activities designed to ensure that developed software complies with all specifications, such as SRS, FRS, and BRS. Those activities focus on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled. It is a planned strategy for evaluating the test process aimed at quality product yield. QA adapts methods to prevent possible errors in the software development process. Mostly QA management deals with methods and technologies such as development methods, project analysis, checklists, etc.

Basically, Software testing explores how the system is performing and finding possible flaws. Different methods are used to test the product, identify defects and check if they are installed. Testing is to see if the developed product meets its expectations in terms of design, compatibility, functionality, and so on.

Difference between QA and Testing

After analyzing these two concepts, one can compare them in terms of purpose, focus, definition, activity type, and orientation. QA controls the testing process and ensures that the software can work under a given set of conditions. Focuses on the study of experimental cases, their implementation, and evaluation.

Quality Assurance VS Software Testing



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